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Impressionist Motifs & Effects 

In Norman Country 

If you come to Normandy, you must know. 

You must know how the Impressionists -- painters, but also writers, musicians, sculptors and even filmmakers worked, how they approached the motif, what they thought and how they felt when faced with certain effects.

And if you cannot come to Rouen, in Normandy, one of the landmarks of Impressionism, you must also know.

Thise books are much more than enhanced e-books; they echoes Baudelaire's famous verse: "Perfumes, colors and sounds correspond."



Impressionist Motifs  & Effects

Giverny, one hour from Paris, is one of the most popular destinations in France.... Why?

The reasons for visiting may vary.

To pay homage to Monet, the father of impressionism; a movement embracing almost all the arts (music, literature, cinema, sculpture) ?

To discover the motifs that inspired somme of the most famous paintings in the world ?

Or, like Marcel Proust to search for a time lost, where nature and man come together to bring us images of the beauty that surrounds us ?

This guide help you get the most from your visit and answers the questions above… but sometimes the answers are surprising.

Extract From

«If you must absolutely, and for the mere sake of it, find an affiliation, associate me with the ancient Japanese: the singularity of their tastes has always entertained me, and I approve of the suggestions of their aesthetics, which suggests presence through shadow and wholeness through fragmentation. 

Hiroshige, Hukosai, Ukiyo-e or “picture of the floating world”: the Land of the Rising Sun opens up to us as we enter the painter’s home in Giverny.

Everyone, so to speak, knows about his collection of Japanese prints, or at least has heard about them.

The following is a conversation between the painter of the Water Lilies and Marc Elder in 1924:  “In La 628-E8, Octave Mirbeau mentioned how you discovered Japan in Zaandam, in a pile of prints that a grocer used to wrap up his goods.”

“ That is not quite what happened. Mirbeau often alters matters to spice up his narrative. Or perhaps his memory failed him... In truth, I was familiar with Japanese prints well before 1886, the year I went painting in Holland. I had started my collection some time before. What is true, however, is that I was lucky enough to stumble upon a pack[…]»

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